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Main page/How to contribute

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If you have noticed that something is missing, or incorrect in the Etherum wiki, you can help us out by bringing it to our attentions, there are a few things you can do. Such as, you can create a suggestion thread here, and describe what you would like to see or changed on the wiki. We often check this thread and try to respond quickly to the problem. You can also put a message into the Wikipedia Suggestions chat on our Discord.

For small problems, such as a spelling mistake, you may message a Wiki Editor in-game. A list of current Wiki Editors can be found here on the wiki team page.

Another option is to become a Wiki Editor which would allow you to alter any pages yourself. To become a Wiki Editor, you must:

  • Have good literature.
  • Be active in game and on forums.
  • Be well respected.

If you feel like are you ready or want to become a Wiki Editor you can fill in an application form Here

-Regards, Wiki Team