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Voting Points are given as a reward for players who vote for the server. They can be traded in for a variety of both useful and cosmetic items.

To gain Vote Points you need to go to the voting page which is found here and vote for the server on a few RSPS list sites. Once finished voting go to the redeem page, type in your username and hit redeem. Lastly go in-game and type ::redeem if done correctly you will be rewarded with Vote tickets, each ticket is worth 1 Vote Point. The tickets are tradable versions of the Vote Points.

Spending Your Points

The Voting Store is a store run by Akrisae which trades a variety of both useful and cosmetic items in exchange of Vote Points.


He is located in Edgeville just west of the bank, as shown in the picture below.


Vote Point Exchange Shop

The vote store uses Vote Points as currency.


Seasonal Voting Store

The Season tab changes every month. There's a total of 5 different stocks, which are repeatedly cycled through (1 to 5) bringing in the next stock monthly.

Stock 1

gyu358u.png caDSS14.png dcvG35f.png z0bOWBP.png opWiIlP.png 5Obx8Y6.png odstTio.png A53qNZr.png Tz4D7NY.png wVxJuhC.png

Stock 2


Stock 3


Stock 4


Stock 5


Vote Streak

Voting Streaks can give some extra rewards to those who votes daily on server. Every time that you vote between an interval of 12 and 16 hours you will earn 1.5 Vote Streak Points, Every time that you vote between an interval of 16 and 24 hours you will earn 1 Vote Streak Point.


Streak Reward Every Xth Vote Streak Usable with penalty
1 Allows ::max to be used (Shows max hit) No No
3 Increases Bonesack collection limit by 25 No Yes
5 Allows Bonesack to hold Dagannoth Bones No No
5 2 Clue Scroll Reward Re-rolls Yes N/A
6 1 Dicing Host Credit Yes N/a
8 Increses Bonesack collection limit by 50 No Yes
10 500k Bonus Experience Yes N/A
12 2 Donator Days Yes N/A
14 Extra Vote Points based off current streak (max at 100) Yes N/A
20 Double Castle Wars rewards No Yes
24 Unlocks 20 extra bank spaces No Yes
31 5k Premium Points Yes N/A
70 Permanently unlock 5 minutes death loot time increase No Yes

Dicers/extreme donators: instead of gaining 1 dice credit, they will get 250k of experience bonus.
Donators: instead of gaining 2 days of donators, will now gain 20 Yell credits.

There is also a 1/1000 chance to get 50,000 premium points when voting.


Streak Penalty

In case you miss a day of voting, you will not get your streak reset but you will suffer a penalty. Vote streak will not punish players who votes within 32 hours from the last time. 2 days or less: 0.5 penalties per day (Meaning that a full weekend would give 1 streak)

  • Over 2 days: 1 penalty per day.
  • Over 7 days: 1.5 penalties per day.
  • Over 14 days: 2 penalties per day.

However, while you have penalty points you will not be gaining any Streak Rewards. Any voting streak point that you gain during penalty will be used to get rid of the penalty, so when your penalty reaches 0, you'll be gaining rewards again.

Another option of removing you penalty is to talk to Akrisae (The Vote Store Owner) who can remove a player's penalty points once they have at least 15 points. However, doing so will also remove that amount of your Vote Streak, If you have 250 Vote Streak Points and 20 Penalty Points, you will remain with 230 Vote Streaks Points and your Penalties Points will be removed.

Squeal of Fortune

Every vote will also give you a Squeal of fortune ticket, these can be converted into credits, which can then be used to to roll a reward at the squeal of fortune. To access the squeal of fortune, you can click the "Squeal of Fortune" button in the quest tab, it can be found under the "Luck games" title.


There are also untradable, lucky or low value items in there that can be converted into coins (reduced amount for Hardcore Ironman players). Lucky items are untradable and are rewarded quite frequently, however they will only last 30 hours in the account. Lucky items will disappear upon death and will reward the killer an amount of coins as reward. Lucky weapons have a 2-5% increase in accuracy and damage, compared to their original counterparts.