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Skilling points are points that you receive for gaining a certain amount of xp in any non-combat skill. To see how many skilling points you have you can either go to the quest tab, click on the information section and scroll down until you see "Skilling" under the "Points" title in your quest tab or you could talk to max who is located at Edgeville, and the Donor Zone. Max is also the owner of the Skilling Store.


Obtaining Skilling Points

Every time you gain ~500k xp in any non-combat skill you will be rewarded with 3 skilling points and 2 participation points. This is the message you get when you gain the skilling points:


Spending Skilling Points

The Skilling Points shop is located at Edgeville, right near the tele spot, or at the Donor Zone. The store is run by an NPC called "Max".


To access the store simply trade Max. The store is mainly filled with cosmetic items, with a few useful ones, such as the Inferno Adze, Dragon Pickaxe, and Dragon Hatchet.


Note: be aware all brawler gloves degrade to dust after 500 actions.