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Premium Points are mainly rewarded to those who contribute to the server by donating, these are the most valuable points in the game. You can buy many valuable items with these Points.

How to Get Premium Points

Premium Points are gained in 2 ways. One is by Donating using PayPal. The other way is by getting a 31 Vote streak and getting it as a Reward from voting.


To get to the donating page all you need to do is go on the home page and find the "Donate" Button. Then click on the "Premium Points" Button.

Then from the drop down menu simply choose the amount you would like and type in the correct username. Always remember to double check that you have entered the correct username. Remember it is illegal to Donate for Other Players.


Once have Completed your Donation then you must click Redeem Donation in the help desk in-game.



Every 31 Vote streak you get, you will receive 5,000 Premium Points. These will go directly onto your account and can be spent as soon as you like.


There is also a 1/1000 chance of receiving 50,000 Premium Points when you vote.

What to Spend Them on

The Premium Points Store is located to the west of the bank at Home/Edgeville.



Some item prices will vary as there is a stock limit. As the stock decreases, the price increases.

Item Name Price Stock Limit
X7cn6XV.png Bronze Chest 10.000 No
SRkpI3x.png Silver Chest 20.000 No
cKMWQbV.png Gold Chest 40.000 No
njyli4K.png Grand Chest 80.000 No
EBL1BmQ.png 25K Premium Points 25.000 No
SrJkZtS.png 50K Premium Points 50.000 No
dYJddMK.png 75K Premium Points 75.000 No
QAVwEet.png 100K Premium Points 1000.000 No
nQKfB50.png Elite Void Set 50.000 No
Bcu9bt0.png Occult Necklace 20.000 Yes
EsXuDZk.png Amulet Of Torture 35.000 Yes
4ZgyToA.png Tormented Bracelet 25.000 Yes
gw69Wpd.png Ring Of Suffering 50.000 Yes
zNBhe5n.png Necklace Of Anguish 30.000 Yes
rKWpZjo.png Chaotic Rapier 10.000 Yes
YCMO0Oq.png Chaotic Longsword 10.000 Yes
DeLtoyx.png Chaotic Maul 10.000 Yes
ytdOrR3.png Chaotic Crossbow 10.000 Yes
vAbIhWF.png Donator Ticket 10.000 No
lSPxjoh.png Super Donator Ticket 15.000 No
RGbilKh.png Abyssal Dagger (p++) 25.00 Yes
Urqvo3H.png Torva Set 50.000 Yes
gRGqHEs.png Pernix Set 25.000 Yes
2UWktYz.png Virtus Set 25.000 Yes
3aNbqsA.png Spirit Shield Set 89.000 Yes
82JbKYd.png Ganodermic Set 30.000 Yes
ooO3m3s.png Glacor Boots (Set) 35.000 Yes
FhPf83m.png Zaryte Bow 40.000 Yes
2VNhPpP.png Dragon Trimmed Set 150.000 Yes
507n1Sp.png Classic Cape 10.000 No
Vo4GVO6.png Golden Cracker 99.000 No
uSB6ipF.png Normal Party Hats (Set) 149.000 No
0duyNxD.png Christmas Cracker 50.000 No
fcU93ge.png Dragon Claws 15.000 Yes
3mdh89B.png Armadyl Godsword 10.000 Yes
fgC2Ouw.png Zamorakian Spear 9.000 No
hqxxEfJ.png Void Set 15.000 No
MpAfuwy.png Full Dragon 50.000 No
KNfFg7E.png Full Bandos 15.000 No
ipVU1iU.png Dharok Set 2.000 No
KZcZG2w.png Verac's Set 1.000 No
Sd8hF9b.png Offensive Set 10.000 No
sLVrtVO.png Fremennik Rings 10.000 No
4fi3zqm.png Infinity (New) Set 10.000 No
6dGJErg.png Charming Imp 5.000 No
oNOCMcz.png Ourg Bones (50) 20.000 No
dqkwsfS.png PvP Resources 3.000 No
wpROFEY.png PvM Reources 3.000 No
DCxG4h6.png Armadyl Runes (500) 3.000 No
XxiwF1V.png Dreadnip 3.000 No
HKYa6vl.png Magic Notepaper 3.000 No


If you are not after items, Premium Features offer many advantages to players.

Feature Price Limit Description Restriction
Clue Re-rolls 5k Unlimited Adds 10 clue scroll re-roll credits. None.
Money Pouch Space 5k 30 Increases the amount of coins you can have in the money pouch by 10b None.
Combat Interruption 5k 1 Prevents combat interruption upon equipment switching. None.
Loot Timer 5k 4 Increase the time you have to loot your items when dying to an NPC by 5 minutes None.
Shouts 5k Unlimited Adds 100 shout credits to you account. None.
Experience Bonus 5k Unlimited Gain 5M bonus xp. Not for ironmen accounts.
Weapon Game Advance 10k Unlimited Advance straight to level 150 in a Weapon Game class. Must have a Weapon Game class under level 150.
Player Kill/Death 5k Unlimited Resets player kill/death ratio. None.
Bank Space 5k 2 (100 Slots total) Gain 50 extra bank slots. Not for hardcore ironmen.
Task Completion 15k Unlimited Automatically completes a chosen task. None.
Dice Hosting 5k Unlimited Gain 50 dicing host credits. Not for ironmen.
Skull Timer 3k 1 PK skull timer is reduced by 50% None.
Assignment Disabling 2.5k 5 Unlocks another disable slot for slayer. None.
Recover reset 15k Unlimited Reset the price of collecting lost items from the Reaper. Must have an item stored at the Grim Reaper.
Evade Time 2.5k 5 Reduce the time required to leave wild after starting combat by 1 second. None.
Hardcore Safety 5k 1 Hardcore ironmen turn into normal ironmen upon death, instead of being reset. Hardcore ironmen only.
Practicity 2.5k 1 Can store phoenix feathers in beast of burdens. None.
Sortition Credits 12.5k Unlimited Adds 50 Sortition Credits to your account. None


Every month you will get the chance to obtain special items via Premium Points which are only available that month of the year. The rotational shop will change items every month and starts over again next year.



Favorites are a new option available in the Premium Store. Any item in your favorites has a daily chance of receiving a small discount.


To add an item to your favorites, simply click the green “ + “ sign located to the right of the item, just above the items price. Any item added your favorites will automatically be displayed at the top of the store.


You can view your purchase history by clicking on the ‘History’ Tab. This shows all of your previous premium store purchases including items and features.