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Main page/Guides/Bestiary/Chromatic dragon eggs

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Dragon Eggs are a very rare drop from chromatic dragons. These eggs can be put in an incubator to get your very own pet Baby Dragon.

Which dragons drop them?

Green Dragons


There are a few at the wildy teleport:


Green Dragons teleport is at level 19 wilderness & East Green Dragons teleport is at level 28 wilderness

You can find a few at North Neitiznot:


And a few at the Chaos Tunnels:

Use this particular rift at Edgeville:


You arrive at the red arrow, and you simply follow the white lines. These are the portal teleports that you need to use in order to get to the dragons:


Blue Dragons


There are a few blue dragons at the Taverly Dungeon.

Follow this little map. Just squeeze-through the obstacle pipe at the red arrow:




Super and Extreme Donators also have access to a room full of Blue Dragons, just follow the steps above and then enter the 'Mysterious Entrance', this is a nice place as there is more than enough Blue Dragons to cater anyone who enters.

Red dragons


You can find a few red dragons at the Brimhaven Dungeon. Teleport to the Brimhaven dungeon, and follow this little map:



There are also plenty of Red Dragons located in the Chaos Tunnel

Black dragons


The easiest way is to teleport to Hellhounds from Monster Teleports, and have a short walk from there. It's shown on the little map below:



Again there are also more Black Dragons located in the Chaos Tunnel

Hatching the Egg

When you're lucky enough to get your own Dragon Egg, simply teleport to Yanille, run west to the pet store and put it in the Incubator. Your Dragon pet will be born within 18 hours! The last few steps are shown in the images below: